tickets for Bulgaria Excel Days 2024


Ticket for “Bulgaria Excel Days 2024” Conference: 145 Euros

Your Pass for the conference including:

  • 10 lectures
  • Two coffee breaks
  • Lunch
  • Pass for аn official cocktail after the conference
  • Certificate for Attendance
  • Opportunity for Networking

For Conference + 1 Masterclass: 395 Euros

For Conference + 2 Masterclasses: 695 Euros

The Masterclass Packages include:

  • Pass for the Conference (10 lectures, 2 coffee breaks, lunch, cocktail after the conference, Certificate for Attendance, opportunity for networking), plus
  • Pass for Full Day Masterclass/Masterclasses (coffee breaks, lunch, Certificate for Masterclass attendance)

Reserve your spot to participate in Bulgaria Excel Days 2024 conference and masterclasses from the registration form below.
For other payment options, you can contact us directly via mail:

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