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About Masterclasses

Gašper Kamenšek​, "A Minute To Decide (a Data Visualization MasterClass)"

23 April, Metropolitan Hotel, Sofia

Alan Murray, "Advanced Formulas in Excel: Beyond the Basics"

23 April, Metropolitan Hotel, Sofia

Ken Puls, "Dimensional Modeling for the Excel Pro"

25 April, Metropolitan Hotel, Sofia

Chandeep Chhabra, "Solving Advanced Data Cleaning Problems with M Language in Power Query"

25 April, Metropolitan Hotel, Sofia


Gašper Kamenšek​

Slovenia, 7 x Microsoft MVP

A Minute To Decide (a Data Visualization MasterClass)

23 April, Metropolitan Hotel, Sofia

Masterclass description:

  • What are the Gestalt Principles?
  • Who is Edward Tufte?
  • What does ICBS stand for?
  • Why do I need a Story to present?
  • When do I use a particular visualization type?
  • Which Charts should you use, (and which should you not use)?
  • Does a Platform dictate my report layout?
  • Want to do a Chart Makeover?

All these questions (and many more) will be answered in this Masterclass. We will dig deep into theory and be able to understand and design good reports. This is also one of those: “Once you see it, you cannot unsee it” moments, as you will now look at reports differently, and reporting errors will immediately stand out to you.

Alan Murray

Alan Murray​

United Kingdom, 4 x Microsoft MVP

Advanced Formulas in Excel: Beyond the Basics

23 April, Metropolitan Hotel, Sofia

Masterclass description:

What are spill ranges, array of constants, and LAMBDA functions?


Join me and unlock the full potential of Excel in our Advanced Formulas Masterclass. This session is designed to elevate your skills, offering expert insights into complex array formulas, advanced lookup functions and dynamic reporting techniques.

This masterclass aims to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of Excel’s advanced capabilities, enabling them to handle complex data tasks with greater confidence and efficiency.

It is a project-based session, and we will be going from data to insight as we complete multiple projects and learn many Excel functions and pro tips along the way.

Course Contents

  • Data Structures and Sources: Excel has moved beyond the classic grid that we love and now includes tables, spill ranges, queries, rich data types and data from Power BI to name a few. Learn how to take advantage of these different data structures and when to use them.
  • The Best Functions: Learn some of the best functions in Excel and combine them with good practice for optimal results.
  • Dynamic Formulas for Interactive Reporting: Learn to create dynamic and interactive reports using advanced formulas that respond to user inputs or changes in data, enhancing the flexibility and usability of your spreadsheets.
  • Excel Labs and AI: Utilise modern tools such as the Advanced Formula Environment and ChatGPT to assist in writing, documenting, and fixing formulas.

Software and Technical Requirements.

Masterclass attendees should have a supported Excel version installed: 2016, 2019, 2021, or Microsoft 365. There will be examples that utilise the power of Excel for Microsoft 365, so attendees that use an older version can use a free Microsoft 365 account and use Excel Online (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/free-office-online-for-the-web

Ken Puls

Ken Puls​

Canada, 17 x Microsoft MVP

Dimensional Modeling for the Excel Pro

25 April, Metropolitan Hotel, Sofia

Masterclass description:

Built-in to Microsoft Excel, Power Pivot is a technology that is revolutionizing the way that we look at data. Allowing us to link multiple tables together without a single VLOOKUP statement, it enables us to pull data together from different tables, databases and even external sources, where we never could before.

The capabilities of Power Pivot are amazing, but they require a sound understanding of a concept called “Dimensional Modeling” in order to get started.

You’ll learn key concepts and terminology around data warehousing and dimensional modelling including Facts, Dimensions, Relationships, Schemas, Keys and more. You’ll learn why the PivotTable has been “too helpful”, and how it can impact your ability to extend your data models.

Armed with the background theory on modeling, it’s then time to get your hands dirty with hands-on examples of solving several “many to many” join problems. From composite keys to bridge tables, slowly changing dimensions to flattening snowflakes, you’ll learn which tools and techniques to use and when.

In this Masterclass we will explore what this means, teach you how to design your tables properly as well as link them together in the correct way to set you up for success.  Developed by a CPA with real world experience who is also a renowned Business Intelligence expert, this course is intended to teach you the right way to set up your Dimensional Model in order to make the next stage – writing DAX formulas  – easy. (Please note that this course is not a course on writing DAX formulas.)

Technical requirements:
1. Microsoft Excel 2016 or higher, AND
2. The Power Pivot tab must be visible in the ribbon

If the Power Pivot tab is not visible, it can be enabled via the following method:
• Go to File -> Options -> Add-ins
• Manage COM Add-ins -> Go
• Check the box next to Microsoft Power Pivot for Excel -> OK

Chandeep Chhabra

Chandeep Chhabra​


Solving Advanced Data Cleaning Problems with M Language in Power Query

25 April, Metropolitan Hotel, Sofia

Masterclass description:

In this Masterclass you will learn to work beyond Power Query’s User Interface and solve difficult data cleaning problems using the M Language in Power Query.  

What topics will be covered?

  • Working with Lists, Records, and Tables
  • Solving iterative looping problems
  • Creating custom functions to scale your Power Query Work
  • Recipes, solutions and patterns for tricky (yet common) data cleaning problems

Ideal Audience

This Masterclass is for people who already know and have worked with Power Query’s user interface (either in Excel or Power BI) and want to explore advanced problem solving using the M Language.

Training requirements.

  • Pre-Requisites: Excel365 / Power BI Desktop should be installed on your laptop prior to the beginning of this Masterclass.
  • Skill Level: Experience of working with Power Query’s User Interface is required. Not for beginners.

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