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About Masterclasses

November 9, Microsoft Bulgaria Hall, Sofia

Jon Peltier Masterclass: “Advanced Charting in Excel”

November 9, the hall of the "Maison MGalerry" hotel, Sofia

Gasper Kamensek Masterclass: “Advanced DAX (become a filter context ninja)”

November 10, Microsoft Bulgaria Hall, Sofia

Chandoo Masterclass: "Dynamic Arrays in Excel - a Deep-dive"

November 10, the hall of the "Maison MGalerry" hotel, Sofia

Tim Heng Masterclass: "Financial Modeling and Analysis with Excel"

November 12, the hall of the "Maison MGalerry" hotel, Sofia

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Chandoo Masterclas

Overview and Outline

Excel is changing. With the arrival of Dynamic Array formulas, we can now analyze data in powerful new ways! In this in-depth & hands-on masterclass, learn how to take full advantage of Excel’s dynamic array capabilities. We are going to learn all about FILTER, UNIQUE, SORT, SEQUENCE, LAMBDA, SCAN and TEXTSPLIT. We will use these ideas to create an interactive KPI dashboard with Excel as a project.

Who should attend: This masterclass is aimed at people with intermediate to advanced Excel skills. If you work as a data professional (analyst, accountant, manager, consultant or small business owner) you will benefit from the topics covered in this session.

Software & technical requirements: You need to have Excel 365 on your computer to follow-along during the session. 

Jon Peltier Masterclass

Overview and Outline

This masterclass will cover the theory and practice of charting in Microsoft Excel. The theory of charting includes such topics as data, chart types, and formatting. Practice begins with combination charts, conditional formatting of charts, custom chart types, dynamic charts, interactive charts, with a few tricks sprinkled in.

Who should attend?

Anyone who performs data analysis and visualization in Excel will benefit from this masterclass. People who produce reports with graphical content

What will participants learn?

Masterclass attendees will learn to make effective charts. They will learn what makes efficient chart data, how to manipulate data and formatting to achieve desired chart styles. Participants will learn how to work with the different elements of charts, and how to leverage worksheet formulas and controls to make dynamic charts that reflect changing data and interactive charts that reflect user selections.

Software and Technical Requirements.

Masterclass attendees should have a supported Excel version installed: 2013, 2016, 2019, 2021, or preferably Microsoft 365.

Participants will be provided with workbooks that show the lessons and allow them to work out the examples.

Tim Heng Masterclass

Have you ever burnt the midnight oil trying to get a Balance Sheet to balance? This masterclass is focused on building models efficiently and effectively. Our simple process has been adopted by many seasoned professionals without resorting to balancing figures, circulars and macros.

Starting from a simple set of assumptions, this course develops a small, straightforward model which enables our method to be demonstrated readily and practiced comprehensively. By the end of the masterclass, users will be able to repeat this process and apply it to their own model developments.

Course contents:

  • Best Practice Excel and Financial Modelling
  • Using control accounts to manage financial statements
  • Developing a structure to populate your financial statements, simply and effectively
  • Applying a range of modeling approaches to combat challenges such as working capital, depreciation, “circular” interest, and more.

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