Sumit Bansal

India/UAE, 10 x Microsoft MVP

Sumit Bansal is one of the most popular Excel experts recognized globally.

He started his website (TrumpExcel.com) in 2013. Before that, he worked as a financial analyst in an information technology company in India.
Sumit is renowned for his ability to simplify complex spreadsheet formulas, making them accessible and understandable. His blog writings and video tutorials are focused on providing practical, user-friendly training and useful tips to business owners and data teams.

His YouTube channel has about 330 000 subscribers.
Apart from that, Sumit is involved in business consulting, offering valuable insights and solutions to businesses aiming to optimize their data management and analysis processes using spreadsheet tools.

Recently he has lived in UAE.

The topic of his presentation for the Conference is "AI in Excel (Useless to Useful)"

9.20 – 10.00


AI in Excel (Useless to Useful)