Alan Murray

2 x Microsoft MVP

Alan Murrey (UK) is an Excel Expert, Microsoft Trainer, and business consultant for over 20 years. He runs his own site and YouTube channel named Computergaga. Also, he is an organizer of the monthly Excel meetup in London.

Alan is an author of the popular book "Advanced Excel Success: A Practical Guide to Mastering Excel " showing how to get to the next level in your Excel journey. In addition, he also contributes regularly writing articles for the How-To Geek, Go Skills, Career Foundry, and running courses on Udemy.

The topic of his lecture at the conference is "Functions 2.0 – the Awakening of the Sleeping Giants"

The introduction of the Dynamic Array engine is one of the greatest updates in Excel history. The function family was bolstered by the birth of UNIQUE, XLOOKUP, STOCKHISTORY, VSTACK and others, but existing functions also rejoiced.
You see, some functions were waiting for this day, the day that they were no longer constrained by Excel’s inability to natively handle arrays.
In this session, we focus on these functions. We will see multiple examples to showcase some of the key functions that were rejuvenated by the dynamic array engine. Welcome to functions 2.0.

12:05 - 12:40

Schedule of the Conference 11 November

Functions 2.0 – the Awakening of the Sleeping Giants