Кен Пълс

Ken Puls

Microsoft MVP, Canada

Microsoft MVP since 2006, Data Platform and Excel Expert, master of VBA programming, Power Pivot and financial modeling, Data cleansing and reshaping.

Тhe president of Excelguru Consulting Inc., blogger, author and trainer with over 20 years of business and financial modelling experience. His passion lies in exploring tools to turn data into information, and teaching others how to benefit from them.

His website hosts a large knowledgebase of Excel help articles, a blog, and an active forum dedicated to helping users with their Excel issues.

Ken’ Lecture Title: “Business Intelligence: The value is in the Refresh”

The presentation will be demo-oriented. The main modules of presentation:
•  Grabbing data from text files via Power Query
•  Grabbing data from an Excel file via Power Query
•  Building a Power Pivot model
•  Adding a bunch of new text files to the folder and refreshing