Henk Vlootman

Microsoft MVP, Netherlands

Microsoft Excel and Data platform MVP and an independent consultant and a specialist on Self-service BI tools in Excel and Power BI. Henk is owner and CEO at Next Level Excel and Vlootman Consultancy.

Henk is author of Excel books “Excel Models for financial economic information” and “Excelleren (Learning Excel), the Vlootman method in practice.” With Michiel Rozema he wrote the “Practice Book PowerPivot in Excel.” and “Handbook Power Pivot“. He writes a monthly blog for a Dutch financial e-magazine. Henk is also chairman of the foundation of the Dutch Power BI User group (over 1500 members) and co-manager of the LinkedIn group Power BI User group.

Henk’ Lecture Title: “10 Excel laws: the difference between whether you are working for Excel or Excel is working for you”

My favorite question to managers: “How much time does it take to update your dashboards?” In most cases, they respond -sometimes a bit shy- that this definitely takes a few hours a month. I know extreme cases where managers are even busy for a few hours every working day with their dashboards. Consider the capital waste that is! Those managers work for Excel, while Excel is meant to work for them! The 10 laws in this session are an incentive to bring changes to your mindsetting about modeling in Excel.