Gašper Kamenšek

Microsoft MVP, Slovenia

Microsoft MVP, Excel and Power BI expert.

Trainer at Kompas Xnet, where ne shares knowledge and enthusiasm about Excel. When he is not lecturing Excel, Gasper works into various BI projects consisting either of PowerPivot and SQL with Excel or VBA. His passion in Excel made him starts an Excel blog in 2014. It’s called Excel Unplugged.

Gasper’ hobby’s are music and photography Microsoft MVP, Excel and Power BI expert

Casper’ Lecture Title: “The VLOOKUP Dashboard”

Vlookup (or some other Index-Match variations) has always been a quintessential function of Excel since it gives us the ability to “establish communication” between two tables. But modern Excel with its Power Query “Add-in” (there is an off chance you may know it as Get & Transform) has taken the “Vlookup” capabilities of Excel to a whole new level.
This will be a demo session of creating a VLOOKUP dashboard and in the process highlighting the advantages of modern Excel and the gap in productivity that it enables.