Hervé Thiriez

Microsoft MVP, France

Microsoft MVP for Excel since 2009. Professor Hervé Thiriez is an expert on mathematical and financial modeling, particularly on risk modeling and on spreadsheet modeling, Doctor of Philosophy in Operations Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

He has published 25 books and over 400 papers and articles, and created 8 microcomputer-related journals. He has also participated in the funding of 18 businesses in venture capital. He is also the CEO of Logma, a business consulting company. He has a broad experience of business consulting in France, Europe and the United States.

His site about Excel.

Hervé’ Lecture Title: “Risk modelling with Excel”

As a consultant, Prof. Hervé Thiriez has developed dozens of risk analysis models for banks, finance, pharmaceutical companies, nuclear facilities, the space industry,… He will share his extensive experience in risk modelling using Excel and Crystal Ball – a risk analysis add-in. A financial model from a pharmaceutical company will be used as an example.